Clinton “So Proud” of Obama

Funny how things turn out. When you’re campaigning in front of the heavily black Democratic electorate in South Carolina, you can only bag on the black candidate in the race for so long until people get ticked off. So, you have to change your message. And you have to change your message so quickly, even the mainstream media throws in a sly criticism. From ABC News:

After an hour-long television interview critiquing Sen. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton went to an African American church, where the only words she had for her democratic rival — were of praise….

“We never thought we would see the day when an African-American and a woman were competing for the presidency,” Clinton said. “I am so proud of my party, I am so proud of my country, and I am so proud of Sen. Barack Obama.”

I know it has been a Clinton-heavy day of blogging. Apologies for that. In non-campaign news, a high-level foreign policy official in the Bush Administration finally called waterboarding torture. That’s important stuff and probably warrants it’s own blog post, not the last line of a horserace post…