Campaign Ad Factoids

obama150.jpgPolitical Punch has an interesting little collection of facts about candidate advertising. Among the most interesting:

* Mitt Romney was the No. 1 advertiser in both parties—35,000 ads—and spent as much as all of his GOP opponents combined—and almost four times as much as John McCain in Florida

* Barack Obama led the Democratic pack with almost 30,000 ads, worth almost $23 million; Hillary Clinton aired more than 25,500 ads, worth well over $18 million.

* Who did the talking? Barack Obama narrated nearly 83% of his own TV ads, while Hillary Clinton narrated fewer than half (43 percent) of hers.

* McCain used images of the American flag more than any other leading candidate, with 77% of his TV ads displaying the Stars and Stripes…compared with 40% of Obama’s and 33% of Clinton’s.

Another interesting fact: Obama was the only candidate to air an ad during the Super Bowl. Take a look:

Soundtrack by New York/LA rocker Dan Zweben, whose songs have also been featured on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new show Ghost Whisperer…so, uh, yeah, dude gets around. I think the song featured in Obama’s ad is “Oregon,” which you can hear on Zweben’s MySpace page. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll notice that the song seems to be about someone trying to convince someone else to move back to Oregon. This follows in a long line of inappropriate campaign songs.