McCain’s Connection to the Siegelman Case

Just yesterday we mentioned the railroaded former Governor of Alabama, Democrat Don Siegelman, who is now in prison after a six-year-long witch hunt prosecuted by that state’s GOP.

Turns out, John McCain is connected to the scandal. As head of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, McCain released a report on the Abramoff scandal in 2006 that didn’t include any mention of an Abramoff email that implicated Siegelman’s opponent in a gubernatorial race later that year, Bob Riley, in Abramoff’s influence peddling schemes. Riley went on to win, and Siegelman went to prison. McCain has refused to make the email public since that election; it only came to light because an anonymous source leaked it to the Huffington Post.

Siegelman’s Democratic allies in Alabama are calling for a special prosecutor to reexamine his case.