Obama Wins Nebraska, Washington

According to CNN, Obama has Nebraska. With 73 percent of the vote reported, Obama has 69 percent and Hillary Clinton has 31 percent. I’ll look for some exit polls.

Also, with 57 percent of the vote reported in Washington state, Obama is ahead 2-to-1: 67 percent to 32 percent. Again, I’ll try and hunt down some more info.

Both these outcomes were expected. Keep in mind, however, that this does not mean huge delegate wins for Obama, due to the Democratic Party’s rules of delegate apportionment.

Andrew Romano makes a good point over at Newsweek:

I’m curious to see how this will play in the press. So far, neither the New York Times nor CNN have prominent headlines on their website. There’s a weird rule in the media that if the outcome of a contest is only important if it’s surprising. So it’ll be hard for Obama to emerge with any real momentum.

He’s totally correct. If Obama is expected to win, and then takes almost 70 percent of the vote, everyone kind of shrugs and says, “Thought so.” But 70 percent isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Update: Okay, for reasons I can’t understand, there appear to be no exit polls in Washington. Or Nebraska.