Jihad USA: Fox’s Take on Homegrown Terror

Harboring vague thoughts of anti-government mayhem may mean the Justice Department labels you a criminal. So I’m intrigued to see how Fox covers the alleged homegrown terror cells in their special this weekend, Jihad USA. It promises to investigate the “emerging threat from people who have been radicalized by extreme Muslim doctrine within the U.S.”

Well, one such case of alleged domestic terrorism is the “Liberty City 7” trial , which now rests in the hands of a jury—again. The first trial for the Miami-area men accused of plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in 2006 ended in a mistrial, partly because there was little concrete evidence the men were serious about the plot and because FBI collaborators provided many of the materials needed to complete it. The jury so far has spent four hours in deliberation, and will return on Monday to continue.

If Fox’s preview of the documentary, in which the Miami case is discussed, is to be believed, then Jihad USA will be one-sided indeed. Fox anchor and Jihad USA host E.D. Hill says the documentary “will frighten you, but it will inform you.” I don’t doubt Jihad USA will be frightening, but informative? If the hysterical tone of the preview is any indication, probably not.