YouTube Mania: Bjork in Nature

mojo-photo-bjorkvideo.jpgYou know, when Björk isn’t decking journalists or inspiring revolutions, she actually makes music, and continues to hire ground-breaking artists for collaborative efforts. A recent NY Times feature looked into the making of the video for her new single, “Wanderlust,” and while the song is (perhaps intentionally) a bit aimless, the video is a hypnotic combination of elaborate puppetry and eye-popping computer graphics. The best part of the Times feature is the interviewer’s hysterics after the San Francisco-based director reveals matter-of-factly that he was inspired by a nature walk whilst under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms. I know, Times gal, it’s sooo crazy! What’s actually crazy is that a Björk video gets a 6-figure budget in this day and age. I’m assuming she made a loan to her campaign? Watch “Wanderlust,” and some classic Björk videos in which glorious Nature plays a major role, after the jump.

[Update: a reliable source got in touch to say that the interviewer wasn’t shocked at the mention of drugs as much as she was surprised that the apparently mild-mannered directors had indulged. Okay, fine. Also, I forgot to mention that the “Wanderlust” video was filmed in 3D, and a DVD version complete with 3D decoder glasses will be out April 14th.]

Björk – “Wanderlust” (from Volta, 2007)
In which friendly bison take Björk (and a Cirque du Soleil refugee) whitewater rafting.

Björk – “Human Behaviour” (from Debut, 1993)
In which a decidedly less expensive depiction of nature (bear suit: $20) gets aggressive.

Björk – “Joga” (from Homogenic, 1997)
In which the brutally extreme Iceland landscape rushes by in vertigo-inducing shots before ripping apart at the seams.

Björk – “Isobel” (from Post, 1995)
In which a spooky forest provides the backdrop for a fairy tale of identity—and hey, anybody know how to grow those light bulb plants?