New Music From Around the Blogs: Oasis, The Faint, Divide and Kreate, of Montreal


Rolling Stone‘s Rock ‘n’ Roll Daily blog announces that Oasis will release their new album, Dig Out Your Soul, on October 7th. A record company suit said it “kicks ass,” and why would he lie? If you can’t wait for a whole song, check out a 20-second snippet of “The Shock of the Lightning” on YouTube here. You know, it does kind of kick ass. (For fans of: Ride, Coldplay, No Way Sis)

Wired‘s Listening Post has an exclusive stream of The Faint‘s “Battle Hymn for Children,” from the Saddle Creek alums’ upcoming album, Fasciination. With two i’s. Don’t they teach spelling in Omaha? (For fans of: The Cure, Bloc Party, Cornhuskers)

After the jump: a slow-dance mashup, and a disco-dance assault on the patriarchy

In the exciting (and apparently “waning”) world of mashups, Swede Divide and Kreate has put together a combo featuring the new Leona Lewis song and a Police classic, along with some other beats and tidbits that sound kind of familiar. Everything this guy does is silky-smooth, check it out at his website under “remixes.” (For fans of: Kelly Clarkson, Snow Patrol, Party Ben)

Stereogum has an mp3 from of Montreal, which is apparently the correct way to capitalize their name, which is annoying. But the song isn’t! It’s called “Id Engager,” from their upcoming album Skeletal Lamping, and it’s got a funky disco beat, although I’m sure they’re talking about phallocentric tyrrany or something. Oh, they are? Okay. (For fans of: Scissor Sisters, LCD Soundsystem, writing Ph.D. theses on the Marquis de Sade)