Eco-News Roundup: Tuesday, August 11

Tuesday environment, science, and health stories from our site and beyond:

Global warning on the back burner: Bjorn Lomborg has never denied global warming, he just thinks it’s not that big a deal.

Backpedaling on drug pricing: Instead of openly agreeing to promise no control over pharmaceutical pricing, the White House now says that it’s all a big misunderstanding and the pricing question was not discussed. Oh, come on.

Dog blogging: Man’s best friend can’t quite get the concept of inequality. Remind you of any people you know?

Meteor madness: Tonight marks the start of the Perseid, an annual shooting star show visible from most parts of the northern hemisphere. This year’s will be good, despite the moon glare.

Hybrid haiku: Japan’s Prius sales/up 392/percent from last year.

Where the wildebeest aren’t: The Mara River, which flows through Kenya and Tanzania, was once home to the largest wildebeest migrations. But now the river’s drying up.

You are getting veeery excited about recycling: What’ll it take to organize the masses to save our warming world? Climate change psy-ops.