Gingrich Hearts Porn Company

The Washington City Paper reports that the PAC of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently offered an “entrepreneur of the year” award to Allison Vivas, the owner of a California porn company, Pink Visual, whose credits include “Desperately Seeking Cock,” “House Wife Bangers,” and “Memoirs of a Gusher.” CP’s Dave McKenna gives the gory details of an apparent fundraising scheme gone awry:

Vivas’ PR representative, Brian S. Gross, is circulating a letter dated Wednesday ostensibly from Joe Gaylord, a consultant working for Gingrich, telling her “Newt’s Business Defense and Adviory [sic] Council” had agreed that she was deserving of the honor in “recognition of the risks you take to ceate [sic] jobs and stimulate the economy.”

“Newt would like to arrange a private dinner with you at the historic Capitol Hill Club on the evening of October 7, 2009 in Washington. You’ll dine privately with Newt at this exclusive venue and he’ll take the occasion to present you with your well deserved award and have your photo taken together.”

Alas, after McKenna’s post, American Solutions for Winning the Future, Gingrich’s PAC, rescinded the offer.