Need To Read: September 16, 2009

Today’s must-reads:

  • No one likes Max Baucus’s health care bill (NYT)
  • Chairman of Joint Chiefs says more troops likely needed in Afghanistan (NYT)
  • “No one quite knows when, or how, the system will crumble. But make no mistake: it will, eventually, crumble.” (Ezra Klein)
  • “You see here the cost of a really irresponsible elite in the United States of America.” (The Economist)
  • My profile of @DarrellIssa from the Sept/Oct issue, “Enter Stage Right.” (MoJo)
  • Young people will pay for a lot of health care reform (WaPo)
  • Jon Chait on Ayn Rand and “Wealthcare” (The New Republic)
  • Washington’s worst: McConnell and 14 other corrupt lawmakers (MoJo)
  • WWE CEO Linda McMahon to slam Dodd (MoJo)
  • The government has an app store (Bits Blog/NYT)
  • Obama calls Kanye a ‘jackass’—the audio (TMZ)
  • Jews: Not “Values Voters”? (MoJo)
  • Death of Usama bin Ladotune (Spencer Ackerman)

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