Eco-News Roundup: Friday December 11

El Nino: El Nino means 2010 will be hot, regardless of what climate deniers will tell you.

Moot Point: Climate deniers continue to insist warming’s a hoax. Also, moon landing.

Ships Ahoy: Rising sea levels (16″ by 2050) are threatening California ports. [Los Angeles Times]

Shifting Blame: Lieberman’s partially right on public option cost-shifting, but still mostly wrong.

Unfit to Be Tied: New bill would outlaw physically restraining special needs students.

Waste of Space: With no national repository, more nuclear waste is stored stateside. [Star Tribune]

Climate Options: A treaty at Copenhagen might be less effective than direct political action.

Closing the Deal: Likely outcome for healthcare is weak public option, but it’s better than none.

Backing Off: Dems aren’t standing their ground on the public option.

Costly Credits: Carbon offset credit fraud has cost 5 million euros in lost tax revenue. [Planet Ark]