Eco-News Roundup: Tuesday December 8

News from our other blogs and elsewhere on health, the environment, and wildlife.

Crowded Planet: Copenhagen struggles with 20,000 more attendees than planned.

Time for Action: Danish organizers say the time is for action, not words. [Al Jazeera]

Say Goodbye: Real possibility of public option may be going away soon, so what’ll replace it?

Making Changes: The EPA’s evaluation of the dangers of GHGs could have big impacts on business.

Packaging Air: The New York Times asks why there’s so much extra space in packaging. [Consumerist]

Deadly Questions: Odd “suicides” at Gitmo, some physically impossible, raise questions.

Big Steps: Is pushing for broad environmental policy change better than “going green” at home?

This is London: Londoners protest ahead of Copenhagen, asking for real change. [MSNBC]

Press Monkey: Photo-snapping oranguatan takes popular self-portraits.

Green Tax: A flat carbon tax seems easy and straightforward… at first.

Taxes Part 2: Kevin Drum thinks the Senate will never pass a serious carbon tax. Ever.

Slim Shady: Eminem brags about rape on tape, plus new sex assault report.