Mark Fiore Picks Up a Pulitzer

Mark Fiore

Big congratulations are in order for Mark Fiore on just winning a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. Mark started doing his sly, jam-packed animated cartoons back when online poltical cartooning was just kicking off and way before Flash movies became cool. We’re proud that Mark’s work has appeared weekly on the MoJo website for years. (We can’t claim him all to ourselves, however; his work also runs on newspaper websites like the San Francisco Chronicle‘s, which officially gets Pulitzer bragging rights, being a newspaper and all. If you haven’t watched Mark’s stuff, you’re in for a treat. Browse his past work here, or watch his recent takes on the Vatican sex scandal, how to talk like a Teabagger, and closeted homophobic pols. Congrats again, Mark!

UPDATE: Extra props to Mark for being a self-syndicated cartoonist and for nominating himself for the Pulitzer.