Mac on Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Post-Spill Mental Health Response

Tune in to Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight at 8pm EST to watch MoJo‘s human rights reporter Mac McClelland discuss the mental health crisis the oil disaster has had on Louisiana residents. To get warmed up check out her recent piece on some of the hardships faced by fishermen’s wives. A peek:

Young, fresh-faced Julie with the toddler on her lap doesn’t want her husband doing cleanup anyhow. She tells him to stop doing it because it’s dangerous. He says, “How do you want me to feed you?” She says, “How are we gonna eat when we’re dead from chemical contamination you’re bringing into the house?” He says, “We’ll live on the check.” At this point in Julie’s re-creation of this daily fight, everyone yells, “But we’re not getting the check!

Mac continues to report on the spill and its ripple effects from Louisiana. If you want to support her efforts, and those of our other reporters covering the BP disaster, with a donation you can do so here. And you can catch up on all of MoJo‘s BP coverage here.