Buzzfeed: Not Aware of All Internet Traditions

Earlier this month, Forbes published a list of the 20 richest rappers. Last week, Buzzfeed’s Tanner Ringerud used that list to highlight those rappers’ most ridiculous lyrics. Then Andrew Sullivan underblogger Zoe Pollock linked to the post, and it went viral on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. It was definitely clever of Ringerud to combine the Forbes list with ridiculous rap lyrics. But he should have noted (and brought to Pollock and Sullivan’s attention) the grandaddy of ridiculous rap lyric sites: Chris Macho and Chris D’Elia’s “Snacks and Shit.”

Since February 2009 (an eon in Internet time), Macho and D’Elia have exhaustively catalogued and sorted 503 of the most silly, stupid, and inane rap lyrics ever spat. How could you pick Ludacris’ “read your whore-oscope and eat your whore-d’oeuvres” over “Let me give you swimming lessons on the penis“? And Jay-Z’s “If you shoot my dog, I’ma kill your cat” is good, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original: “No room service just snacks and shit.” (Macho and D’Elia: “Honestly, this sounds more like something my dad would say. ‘Remember, no ordering room service. It’s too expensive. Plus, I brought snacks.'”) Anyway, point being: if you liked Ringerud’s post, you’ll love “Snacks and Shit.” Check it out