Eco-News Roundup: Friday April 1

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News on health and the environment from our other blogs.

Sideways: The new way to regulate abortion? Through taxes.

Unnamed: Democrat gets in trouble for saying “uterus” in the Florida House.

Slash and Burn: A Congressional rep has a plan to slash $1 trillion from Medicaid.

Smear Job: Planned Parenthood is still getting “exposed” by undercover videos.

Feel the Pain: Idaho and Kansas advance abortion restrictions based on fetal pain.

Looking for Trouble: Florida gov. wants to test all welfare recipients for drugs, but it may be unconstitutional.

$ vs. CO2: White House and EPA are working on a budgetary solution.

Baby Steps: A branded, super-expensive drug preventing premature births may get generic-ized.

Need for Energy: Obama’s energy proposal was vague and a snoozefest.

Caps in the Ring: Every presidential candidate thus far has endorsed cap-and-trade once.

Beach Balls: There are still tarballs on Louisiana beaches, and BP is still fighting the press.