Heartland’s Tips For A Taut Tummy

Sure. From time to time we’re all a little distracted by that stubborn Winter padding. Too much New Year cheer. Now it’s nearly March! And goodness knows we’ve all done some light non-work-related Googling at the office desk on an otherwise quiet Friday afternoon.

But in the middle of an all-out international PR-offensive against alleged “fraud”; and “theft”; leveled at several quarters of the “lamestream media”, maybe it’s best to not only minimize, but close a few browser windows? Even if it was a pop-up ad.

A string of emails released Friday afternoon by the Heartland Institute, in the form of screenshots, details how scientist Peter Gleick obtained sensitive documents by posing as a board member.But they also reveal divided attention at a crucial moment in the Institute’s PR campaign. An open browser window at the bottom of many of the screengrabs is titled “42 Best Ways To Lo…”

A quick Google reveals pages and pages of referring links to 42 Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast.

The Guardian also points to other areas of carelessness in the email release:

… it does not appear, from Friday’s release, that Heartland has had a security overhaul. Despite redactions, one of the emails contained a list of board recipients, including one email address.