Watch: “A Lot of People Say: ‘I’m Going to Buy Some Body Armor.'”

Preppers on how to survive the apocalypse—and Barack Obama’s second term.


How do doomsday preppers feel about the re-election of Barack Obama? At the Self-Reliance Expo in Mesa, Arizona earlier this fall, purveyors of Candwiches and underground shelters viewed a second term as both catastrophe and opportunity: “There’s a lot of people I talk to who say, ‘Depending on what happens in the election, I’m going to buy some body armor,'”  Derek Williams, president of the Salt Lake City-based  Amendment II told us. The company’s children’s tactical vest costs $499. “If the economy falls apart, people don’t have food. People who are looking for food, they’re gonna have their guns with them. People want body armor so they can protect themselves.”