This Map Shows What People Are Most Thankful For In Every State

Earlier this week, Facebook’s data team crunched the numbers on what users say they are most “thankful” for. The top two overall results were predictably “friends” and “family,” which is heartwarming but sort of a snooze.


The state-by-state breakdown, however, is pretty interesting in a meaningless but entertaining sort of way.



Some observations:

1. To me the most disheartening is Kentucky where people are grateful for their “work family.”

2. There are apparently a lot of magicians in Ohio and Alaska who “don’t do it for the money.”

3. Maryland is thankful for having “a sound mind” which I can only take to mean some sort of criticism of its neighboring states. “Look, look, Delaware and Virginia are dispossessed. We’re just happy to be the state that keeps it all together.”

4. A lot of people in Illinois are apparently trying to passive-aggressively use Facebook to get out of the dog house with their significant other.

Head on over to Facebook for the methodology and some other cool visualizations.

(via The Atlantic)