Washington’s Football Team Would Like You to Know That It Just Doesn’t Give a Shit

Here are three things the United States has:

1. An indefensible history of slaughtering Native Americans.

2. A holiday called Thanksgiving wherein we celebrate some of our earliest slaughterers, albeit not for their slaughtering.

3. A capital, Washington DC.

The football team in Washington DC has an offensive, racist name; a slur against Native Americans.

This Thanksgiving—the holiday that for many represents “hundreds of years of genocide and oppression against Native Americans”—that football team—the one with the awful racist name offensive to Native Americans—sent out the following tweet.

Dan Snyder: Just as the pilgrims intended.

Update: Thursday November 26, 2015: Another year, another tweet.

Update 2: Thursday November 24, 2016: This year they made a video.

Anyway this obviously isn’t the players fault. It’s Dan Snyder’s fault.