Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News’ Ferguson Coverage as “Race Plagiarism”

After a week-long hiatus, Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night to call out Fox News for insisting that the outrage over the events in Ferguson had little to do with civil rights and was instead instigated by “racial arsonists.”

Who might these arsonists be? According to Fox host Sean Hannity, they’re the “terribly irresponsible” likes of Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Barack Obama—all of whom Hannity suggested were fueling national tensions. Of course, Hannity isn’t alone. Fox staples Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, have all placed the blame on everyone but Darren Wilson.

“It almost makes you think that the crime that they’re really upset about over there isn’t race pimping or race arson,” Stewart said. “It’s race plagiarism.”

Watch below:


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