This Map Shows the Price Of Weed In Every State

According to Forbes…

Where would you go if you wanted to smoke weed? Well you might start in Colorado or Washington, the two states where it’s legal to smoke it recreationally (although that landscape is always shifting). But what if you didn’t care about the law, and you just wanted to blaze based on financial considerations? Well, you’d probably still head to Colorado or Washington, according to a new map from Forbes:

Map courtesy of Forbes

Forbes used data from, which gets its data by “crowdsourc(ing) the street value of marijuana from the most accurate source possible: you, the consumer.” One might say stoners aren’t the best source of financial data, but, then again, there isn’t much stoners are more serious about than what they shell out for weed.

So good on you, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California. And bad on you, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia.

(h/t The Independent)