You Can’t Unsee This Video of Donald Trump Groping Rudy Giuliani

Donald Trump has long had a boorish reputation when it comes to his treatment of women, something that is now back in the spotlight thanks to the real estate mogul’s tense exchange with Megyn Kelly at Thursday’s GOP debate and subsequent tirade against the Fox News host.

It turns out that even Trump ally Rudy Giuliani, who recently termed Trump’s candidacy “refreshing,” once called out The Donald for his loutish behavior. Of course, Giuliani, then New York’s mayor, was also dressed in drag at the time and was appearing with Trump in a skit filmed for the Inner Circle press dinner in 2000. In the clip, Trump full-on gropes Giuliani, who exclaims, “Oh, you dirty boy,” and slaps the tycoon. Warning: You can’t unsee this.