Watch DJ Khaled Give Jeb Bush an Amazing Pep Talk

Rapper, producer, and record executive DJ Khaled has some chicken soup for Jeb Bush’s soul. Khaled, of “I’m on One” and “All I Do Is Win” fame, has been rapping and producing for over a decade now, but has recently become popular among a different crowd for his ostentatious, and often relentlessly positive, videos on Snapchat and other social media platforms, and his popularization of a key emoji.

The former Florida governor and presidential candidate has struggled to project a personality that’s any less flat than his recent poll numbers. But the race for the presidency is far from over, and maybe Jeb just needs a pick-me-up. DJ Khaled, though a self-avowed Obama supporter, lent his words of inspiration to the Bush campaign during a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. 

“Jeb Bush, I appreciate you,” Khaled said. “You’re a leader. You’re a Bush.”

“You gotta water your plants, Jeb Bush,” Khaled continued. “And cocoa butter. Live life smooth, use cocoa butter. Have a glow, always use cocoa butter. Major key.”

Bush, seemingly boosted by Khaled’s message, responded on Twitter: 

It is unclear whether DJ Khaled’s inspiration (or Jeb’s apples) will do the trick, but here’s hoping that Bush is asked about his use of cocoa butter during Thursday night’s GOP debate