The Trump Files: When Donald Tried to Stop Charlie Sheen’s Marriage to Brooke Mueller

Just one of the perks of a Mar-a-Lago membership.

Mother Jones illustration; Shutterstock

A membership at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort apparently comes with free marriage counseling. In 2007, Trump sat down to dinner with club member Moira Fiore, her daughter Brooke Mueller, and Mueller’s boyfriend: Charlie Sheen.

“The following morning, Donald told me how impressed he was with Brooke and how smart and beautiful she was,” Fiore told the Palm Beach Post in 2011. “He did tell me not to let her marry Charlie.” That didn’t work out: Sheen and Mueller got married in 2008 but divorced three years later, with Mueller alleging that Sheen had held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

“I know the young lady, and now because of that she’s got problems,” Trump said during a March 2011 edition of his From the Desk of Donald Trump YouTube series. “I like Charlie, but I said to the mother, ‘Don’t let it happen.'”

But Trump was careful not to attack his friend Sheen, whose name he’d floated as a Celebrity Apprentice contestant. “I’m not saying anything bad about Charlie, because he’s wonderful, he gets great ratings,” he told Human Events, a conservative news outlet.

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