Trump-Hating Republicans to Follow During the GOP Convention

“This is the turd on top of the shit sundae of the first day of #RNCinCLE.”

Richard Ellis/ZUMA

The effort to thwart a Donald Trump nomination may have little chance at success, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the handful of top Republicans who have turned on the real estate mogul. In fact, attention should be paid, especially on social media where #NeverTrumpers are experiencing last minute nervous breakdowns over the fact that their efforts have failed.

Here are the accounts to follow and some of their best outbursts this week:

Conservative writer, Rick Wilson

Former communications strategist for Gov. Scott Walker, Liz Mair

Writer for Resurgent, Erick Erickson

Red State contributing writer, Ben Howe

Former GOP staffer, Liam Donovan

All excellent points, guys. But just remember, Republicans laid the groundwork for a Donald Trump 2016.