Obama Brought Down the House Last Night. Trump-Hating Republicans Couldn’t Agree More.

“The status quo is better than a dumpster fire in the name of conservatism by a sociopathic fraud.”

On Wednesday night, President Barack Obama delivered an impassioned address at the Democratic National Convention, where he burnished his legacy of hope, praised Hillary Clinton, and eviscerated Donald Trump as a “homegrown demagogue” and threat to American values. The speech sparked thunderous applause from the crowd and has already been called one of the president’s finest.

Both sides of the aisle have lauded the speech, but admiration from one corner of the political spectrum is especially noteworthy: The #NeverTrump Republicans who also watched the president’s speech and declared it the final nail in the coffin of their own party’s presidential nominee.

Some also voiced their irritation after Obama named Ronald Reagan in one line, suggesting that the president appropriated themes traditionally championed by conservatives:

Prominent conservative writer Rick Wilson also watched the speech and took the opportunity to slam Trump supporters for their less-than-presidential outreach tactics:

Meanwhile, Trump was trying to figure out how to work a laptop: