Philadelphia Elections Official Destroys Conservative Conspiracy Theory that National Elections Are “Rigged”

Sean Hannity cited the 2012 elections in Philadelphia to suggest the White House will be stolen from Donald Trump.

Flag: STILLFX/Shutterstock; Trump: Andrew Cline/Shutterstock; Hannity: Rick Scuteri/AP

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has begun telling supporters that the 2016 election might be “rigged” against him—a conspiracy some observers view as a preemptive, ready-to-go excuse for a potential loss to Hillary Clinton, or an ominous signal that the Republican nominee is preparing to contest November’s results.

Some conservatives, including Fox News host Sean Hannity, have fanned the flames. CNN’s Brian Stelter featured a recent clip of Hannity serving as a mouthpiece for Trump’s claim:

On Sunday, Ryan Godfrey, a Philadelphia elections inspector, took the theory to task, calling out Hannity’s suggestion that the 2012 elections were also illegitimate. Godfrey, who Mother Jones confirmed was elected to be an inspector in 2013, explained on Twitter: