Trump Is Shocked, SHOCKED at Jay-Z’s Use of Profanity

So here’s a super-cut of Trump using bad words.

Alex Brandon/AP

Donald Trump is positively scandalized by rapper Jay-Z’s performance at a Hillary Clinton event in Cleveland last week. At a rally Monday in North Carolina, Trump got worked up about the fact that Jay-Z had used several profane words.

“They used the dirtiest language the other night, many of the people left, they’re political people, they heard words they had never heard before,” Trump explained to an appreciative crowd. “I won’t even address the words, because then the crooked media will say, ‘Did you hear what Donald Trump said today?’ Those words were disgusting. If I ever said those words, that Jay-Z said or that Beyoncé said the other night, you know what would happen to me? The reinstitution of the electric chair!”

If Trump had used the n-word, as Jay-Z did, it would probably create outrage. But Trump has not only used curse words himself before—perhaps you’ve seen the video of Trump riding on a bus with Billy Bush?—but has vehemently defended the use of profanity. In March, he went on an extended tirade against NBC reporter Peter Alexander when Alexander questioned Trump about the use of profanity.

“Oh you’re so politically correct,” he told a laughing crowd at the time. “You’re so beautiful. Look at you, awwww, he’s so, aww, I know, you’ve never heard a little bad, off language. You know you’re so perfect.”

Trump snapped, “You know what? It’s stuff like that, that people in this country are tired of!”

For good measure, here’s a super-cut of Trump cursing.


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  • Russ Choma

    Russ Choma is a reporter in the Washington bureau of Mother Jones covering money in politics and influence.