Trump Gave a Horrifying, Politicized Speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree. Read Why This Matters.

“It’s the worst kind of desecration.”

President Donald Trump is being roundly criticized for indulging in a hyper-political message at the Boy Scouts Jamboree on Monday, a celebration that has historically been used to discuss the virtues of the organization. The president used the event to attack his opponents, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the “fake media.” The rambling speech even included threats to Republican senators who may vote against the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

At one point, he appeared to issue a warning to Health Secretary Tom Price, saying he “better get” the votes for passage or else he would be fired. 

The Boy Scouts organization immediately attempted to distance itself from Trump’s speech saying the group did not promote any political position. And many watching from afar jumped onto social media voicing more intense criticism. Mother Jones contributing writer Ted Genoways was an Eagle Scout and is from generations of Boy Scouts. Read his thoughts on Trump’s remarks below: