After a Two-Day Break, Trump Returns to Blasting the Russia Investigation

The devoted “Fox & Friends” fan made sure the country didn’t miss Sunday’s episode.

Chris Kleponis/ZUMA

President Donald Trump appears to be catching up on old episodes of his favorite cable news program.

On Tuesday, the assiduous “Fox & Friends” viewer referenced talking points from a Sunday segment featuring Jonathan Turley, in which the George Washington University law professor expressed doubt that the special counsel’s investigation will reveal evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

The president then followed up with a quote from Ken Starr, who also appeared on “Fox & Friends” Sunday to similarly dismiss charges of collusion. Trump punctuated his morning tweets with a personal touch of “Witch Hunt!”—his favorite phrase to cast doubt on the ongoing Russia probes.

It’s unclear what prevented Trump from watching the Sunday episode in real-time.

The tweets on Tuesday came as CNN published a new poll showing 6 out of 10 Americans are concerned that Trump is not doing enough to protect future elections from potential interference threats.