Betsy DeVos Gives a Master Class on How to Bomb Basic Questions About Your Job

The secretary of education’s interview with 60 Minutes was a train-wreck.

During an interview with 60 Minutes which aired Sunday evening, education secretary Betsy DeVos fumbled through a series of basic questions about the very department she helms, doing her best to answer inquiries on policies like school choice to campus sexual assault.

The sit-down with correspondent Lesley Stahl, just days after DeVos drew students’ scorn for a baffling visit to Stoneman Douglas High School, featured several moments where DeVos appeared unfamiliar with critical education policy issues and wholly unprepared to defend the Trump administration’s aggressive push for for-profit schools.

At one point, Stahl asked DeVos if public schools in Michigan, where DeVos is from, have improved. She replied, “I don’t know” before jumping into a cringeworthy admission that she has purposely avoided visiting struggling schools.

“I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming,” DeVos said.

“Maybe you should,” Stahl responded.

“Maybe I should, yes,” DeVos replied, appearing to consider such visits for the first time. 

The interview sparked a slew of derisive tweets.