Two Big Mueller Filings Are Coming. Donald Trump Is Freaking Out.

He seems nervous.

President Donald Trump is not happy.AFP/Getty

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to file two new documents key to his investigation into the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. Today is the deadline for Mueller to submit to a New York federal court his assessment of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s cooperation in the probe. And in Washington, DC, Mueller will explain to a judge why he has accused former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort of violating his plea deal.

The filings—which come on the heals of a document in which Mueller detailed extensive cooperation by former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn—could be explosive. And if the president’s Twitter feed is any indication, he isn’t handling it well. He took to his favorite medium Friday morning to accuse Mueller of “Conflicts of Interest” and criticize a potential forthcoming public report from Mueller as being part of a “Witch Hunt.” He also pushed back on an Atlantic article yesterday suggesting that Trump and his team were unprepared to respond to Mueller’s findings.

You can read the nearly 1,000-character freak-out here:

He did pause to discuss China negotiations…

Before getting right back to the witch hunt.

He commemorated Pearl Harbor:

And then…more witch hunt.