Friday Cat Blogging – 12 February 2010

Today we have an exciting double feature of cat videos. On the left, Domino jumps onto my lap. Exciting! On the right, Inkblot heads out to his favorite spot to…..well, I don’t want to give away the ending. You’ll have to watch to see what he does when gets there. It’s always the same — though I’m not sure just what the attraction of that exact spot is. Plus the whole thing is accompanied by authentic neighborhood background sounds! Just remember: the key to enjoying this kind of thing is to have low expectations.

And in other news, we have this:

A poll of 2,524 households found that 47.2% of those with a cat had at least one person educated to degree level, compared with 38.4% of homes with dogs.

“We don’t know why there is this discrepancy,” [said Dr Jane Murray, a lecturer in feline epidemiology at Bristol University]….”Our best guess is that it’s to do with working hours and perhaps commuting to work, meaning people have a less suitable lifestyle for a dog.”

Pshaw. It’s because people of discriminating taste prefer cats. Let’s not sugar coat this in order to be politically correct. And now, on with the show!