We Need Better Painkillers

One of the interesting things I’ve learned from various injuries and painful medical procedures over the past couple of decades is that my body apparently doesn’t react at all to Vicodin and related painkillers. Every time I’ve broken something or had a minor surgical procedure the doctor always writes me a scrip for some kind of opioid painkiller, and I always fill the prescription and give it a try. This time I had some Vicodin still left over and unexpired from my last little accident, so I took one last night. No dice. If anything, I think it might have amplified the pain a little. Plain old Tylenol works better, though even that barely has any effect.

I wonder how common this is? It’s kind of a drag that there doesn’t seem to be any non-exotic way for me to relieve pain. I guess I can always try the supposed healing effects of having  a cat sit on my elbow and purr at it.