Housekeeping Note

On Thursday we’ll be upgrading our Disqus commenting system. I think someone here at MoJo will shortly be writing a post explaining how this will improve all our lives, but while we’re waiting for that they’ve asked me to pass along an additional housekeeping note.

Here it is: The new commenting system will no longer support old Drupal logins.1 As near as we can tell, there are actually very few of you who still use these old logins, but there might be a few. Basically, if you log in to to comment, you’ll need to switch to some other form of sign-in. You can set up a Disqus account or you can sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, or OpenID account. It’s all good.

And what happens to all your old comments when you switch to a new sign-in? Apparently they go into limbo and no one will ever know you were the author. But all is not lost. If you want to “claim” all your existing comments when you make the switch to Disqus, go here and follow the instructions.

1Why? It turns out there are thousands of malicious Drupal accounts out there, which has turned it into a serious security vulnerability. So we’re nuking it.