Filibuster Reform May Be Just Hours Away

Is filibuster reform coming as soon as tomorrow? Maybe so:

“We’re not bluffing,” said one senior aide who has spoken with Mr. Reid directly and expects a vote on Thursday, barring any unforeseen breakthrough on blocked judges.

The threat that Democrats could significantly limit how the filibuster can be used against nominees has rattled Republicans. Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who has brokered last-minute deals that have averted a change to filibuster rules in the past, visited Mr. Reid in his office on Thursday but failed to strike a compromise.

Of course, as Rick Hasen says, “If Democrats were bluffing, they’d have every incentive to say ‘We’re not bluffing.'” Still, it sure doesn’t look like any serious negotiations are taking place, and Harry Reid wouldn’t bring something to the floor unless he knew he had the votes to pass it. Thursday could be a very interesting day in Washington DC.