Hillary Clinton Support Way Up Following First Debate

Hillary Clinton has pretty clearly benefited from her debate performance last week. According to a newly released Washington Post/ABC poll, she leads Bernie Sanders 56-22 percent. For Sanders, that’s about the same as a month ago, but Clinton is up 10 points. When Biden supporters are asked to pick someone else, Clinton leads 65-24 percent.

This is similar to yesterday’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, which had Clinton leading 49-29 percent. When Biden supporters were asked for a second choice, that rose to 58-33 percent. Generally speaking, both polls suggest that people who were unsure about Clinton were reassured by her debate performance and moved in her direction.

On a more amusing note, the Post poll also asked people if the current fiasco over choosing a Speaker “reflects healthy debate among House Republicans or is a sign of dysfunction among House Republicans.” You will be unsurprised to learn that dysfunction won a landslide victory, 59-29 percent.