Quote of the Day: Trump Should Tweet More Clearly

Sen. Bob Corker (R–Tenn.) supports repealing Obamacare and replacing it at the same time. The problem, he told Politico, is that he’s not sure if Donald Trump does:

If it is his view, it would be really good if he would consider tweeting it out very clearly.

I guess this is how the White House will handle Hill relations in the future. Congressional leaders will toss out ideas in the press, Trump will give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down via Twitter, and the cycle will repeat. Eventually they’ll come to a conclusion of some sort. Maybe.

This is a modern-day update of the rarely used “government by wall poster” system. Originally invented in ancient Assyria, it was most recently used in China in the 70s, where it produced chaos and, eventually, a reform government. We should be so lucky.