Friday Cat Blogging – 8 September 2017

Yesterday I posted a picture of the moon peeking out from behind the clouds, and wondered aloud about why the clouds had a bit of a red tinge to them. The most common answer had to do with our local wildfires, but this was wrong. I failed to mention that this photo was taken a month ago, and this misled a lot of you. The winning answer involved Science™: it was all due to moonlight filtered by the water droplets in the air. The droplets cause the blue light to scatter, leaving behind the rust-colored tinge.

But enough about that. In today’s catblogging, our local cats are back after last week’s kitten blogging. Today’s photo features Hilbert hanging over the second-story balcony to keep an eye on everything happening downstairs. And what was happening? Some suspicious-looking guy with a camera was walking around taking pictures of cats.