Lunchtime Photo

The Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday was huge. I don’t think the crowds were quite as big as Hizzoner Garcetti claimed, but the most reliable estimates still put it at 300-400,000, about as big as last year. I spent several hours there, but my train was late so I went straight to City Hall and didn’t see any of the crowds at Pershing Square, where the march started. However, Spring St., Broadway, and Hill St. were all jammed for the entire mile between Pershing Square and City Hall, as was much of First St. And Grand Park in front of City Hall was thronged too.

The mood was loud and vibrant, and the theme of the marchers seemed to be at least as much anti-Trump as it was pro-feminism. In fact, if I had been a Martian who parachuted into the scene, I probably would have guessed it was an anti-Trump rally with a few other social issues tossed in. Here’s a small gallery of photos from the march.

A view of the crowd looking south on Spring St.

Faces in the crowd.

A protester at the corner of First and Spring St.

The main stage seen through a sea of pussy hats.

Another view of the crowd looking south on Broadway.

A little girl on Broadway near City Hall. She and her mother were having a ball.

Signs of the time.

“Respect my existence or expect my resistance.”