Donald Trump Threatens to Annihilate Iran But No One Really Cares

Brian Cahn via ZUMA

Just before midnight, something got President Trump agitated and he hurled this tweet out into the ether:

So this is where we’re at. The president of the United States threatens to annihilate a country he doesn’t like and…

…it’s mostly treated like playground bluster from a ten-year-old. Nearly everyone seems to be acting like this is just a stupid joke to make fun of, as if it came from a parody of a James Bond movie or something.

Etc. By Monday morning Sarah Sanders will have invented some absurd interpretation of what Trump meant and everyone will shrug and pretend to accept it. Trump himself, of course, will refuse to explain anything, claiming that he doesn’t want to give away his game plan. The State Department will issue some kind of tough-but-not-really statement that will explain nothing. And the rest of the Republican Party—aside from the usual lunatic fringe cheering this on—will slink away to their offices, desperately hoping that no one will ask them for comment.

And then we’ll move on. This is how seriously people take the United States of America these days. This is what our country has come to.