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January/February 2000 Cover  Features
Apocalypse Still
by Robert Dreyfuss
This is the other Agent Orange story: Twenty-five years after the war, the poison sprayed by U.S. forces is victimizing a new generation of Vietnamese. Why won’t Washington accept responsibility for the chemical weapon that keeps on killing?

Pandora’s Pantry
by Jon R. Luoma
Do genetically engineered "superfoods" pose threats to public health and the environment? In its zeal to approve the biotech industry’s newest creations, the Food and Drug administration didn’t let you find out.

Dearly Disconnected
by Ian Frazier
We cursed and abused them, and now many of us do without them. But pay phones recall a commonality in our culture. A tribute to this vanishing American icon.

Heroin Heroes
By Peter Klebnikov
By propping up the Kosovo Liberation Army, has the United States ultimately helped create a state that’s deeply in debt to global heroin traffickers?

Wrong Side of the Fence
by B.J. Bergman
As the government deadline for their forced relocation looms, a handful of Navajo resisters find themselves labeled trespassers on their ancestral lands.

The Pentagon’s $300 Billion Bomb
by Ken Silverstein and Jeff Moag
Call in the generals’ new clothes: The military plans to revamp itself with stealth aircraft. Unfortunately, the technology is ridiculously expensive — and it doesn’t work.


This Photograph
Bringing up robo-baby

Buffalo bickering; more monkey business; and Quake quibbles.

George W. feigns environmentalism; Mobil in paradise; and Jackson Hole fumes over nuclear waste.

New heights for activism; gaydar goes high-tech; and lifestyles for sale in brand-pushing glossies.

Wide Angle
The global battle against TB

Power Plays
Political Analysis by L.J. Davis
As Al Gore lobbied for the drug industry, South African AIDS patients paid the ultimate price.

The Commons
by Sue Halpern
Teachers feel the chill as Kansas takes a giant step backward.

Media Jones
Food fights on film; Tim Robbins and the politics of theater; book, music, and film reviews.

The Future of …
White Supremacy
Cartoon by Gary Clement