July/August 2010

Risky Business: A Climate Desk Special Report

  • Collaborative journalism tackles the world’s biggest problem.

The Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece Glenn Beck turned paranoia into a pitch for a precious-metals dealer—but many who joined the gold rush have ended up feeling like fools.
What's Killing the Babies of Kettleman City?
What’s Killing the Babies of Kettleman City?
A small-town mystery could change the way we think about pollution.
Meet the Real Death Panels
Meet the Real Death Panels
Should geezers like me give up life-prolonging treatments to cut health care costs? Not if it’s just going to bankroll another Pfizer exec’s fancy vacation.
Click and Dagger
Click and Dagger
He’s revealed the secrets of the Pentagon, Swiss banks, Scientology, and Sarah Palin. Meet the international man of mystery behind WikiLeaks.

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What happens when lawyers snoop on the CIA; Ft. Knox gold AWOL?; baking on the Bronx Riviera; meet the Tea Party’s state-sovereignty guru; weapons of bass destruction; Arizona’s baddest immigration cop; the hardest job in DC; a drone of one’s own; BP in bed with Louisiana police (literally)

Mixed Media

David Corn on Hollywood’s nuclear weapons gamble; comic agitprop through the ages; cartoonists Dan Clowes and Jules Feiffer draw us in; plus more book (Blezzed R Teh Cheezmakers), film, tv (Thu Tran) and music reviews


Cover illustration by Dale Stephanos; Illustration by Christoph Hitz