Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2014

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Empty Nest Syndrome

By Rowan Jacobsen

Disappearing puffins, stray whales, deviating currents: Something is very wrong on the East Coast.

Revert to Mean

By Andy Kroll

Petty. Weak on policy. And yet New Mexico’s governor has been hailed as the GOP’s next big hope. Sound familiar?

The Man Behind Newsweek

By Ben Dooley

Why are the magazine’s new owners so anxious to hide their ties to an enigmatic Christian figure?

That ’70s Wage

Photographs by Gregg Segal

Fast-food workers are stuck in a time warp.

Get Out of Jail Fee

By Shane Bauer

Lobbyists, guns, and money: inside the shadowy—and very well-connected—bail bonds industry.

“There’s No Law for Me Here”

By Nick Baumann

What happens when you refuse to become an FBI informant? You don’t want to find out.

Take This Job and Unplug It

By Clive Thompson

What’s the answer to the stupefying off-hours digital creep? Your boss, for one.


Mixed Media

Food + Health


1 Patrick Caldwell checked out a fundraiser at DC’s premier gay dance club to report on Hillary Clinton’s die-hard supporters (“Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow“).

2 Bridget Huber (“Law and Odor“) is an 11th Hour Food & Farming Journalism fellow at UC-Berkeley.

3 Clive Thompson (“Take This Job and Unplug It“) claims to have abstained from checking email on weekends for the past two years.

Rowan Jacobsen (“Empty Nest Syndrome“) spent 10 days covered in fish guts aboard the Henry Bigelow, a NOAA trawler, to report on the warming Gulf of Maine; the article’s map is by 4 Karen Minot, who has produced 28 graphics for the magazine since 2007.

Ben Dooley (“The Man Behind Newsweek“) covers politics and security in Asia for a Japanese wire service.

5 Gregg Segal’s photography (“That ’70s Wage“) has appeared in Time, Esquire, Fortune, and GQ.

ilovedust (“Get Out of Jail Fee”) is an English design company with studios in London and Portsmouth.

The most trouble 6 Nick Baumann had while traveling to meet a source entangled in a terrorism investigation (“‘There’s No Law for Me Here’“) was slipping in the shower while in Nairobi and busting a rib; David Degner lives in Cairo and has extensively photographed Egypt’s recent tumult.

Patrick Caldwell Bridget Huber
Clive Thompson
Karen Minot Nick Baumann
Gregg Segal