Mother Jones Magazine Cover : May + June 2015

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What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?

By Mark Follman, Julia Lurie, and Jaeah Lee


THE SURVIVORS: Victims tally the everlasting damage after a shooting.

BY THE NUMBERS: Police, ERs, wheelchairs—and that’s just the beginning

THE UNSOLVED MURDERS: Why is it so hard for families of color to get justice when a loved one is killed?

Attack of the Killer Beetles

By Maddie Oatman

An army of tiny predators is chewing Western forests down to stumps. Should we be cheering them on?

Hung out to Dry

By John Hill

A dodgy clinic. A reality TV crew. AWOL state regulators. How a twenty-something alcoholic’s last best hope took a fatal turn.

Rand Identity

By Andy Kroll

His posse of roguish political operatives made Rand Paul one of the hottest names in conservative politics. Will they also torpedo his 2016 hopes?


Raiders of the Lost Archives

By Tim Murphy

Hillary hunters descend on Little Rock— again!—to dig up the Clintons’ dirt.


Mixed Media

Food + Health


After Stephanie Mencimer first raised the question of whether the plantiffs in the Obamacare case had standing (“In Search of the Obamacare 4“), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg asked about it during oral arguments before the Supreme Court; the illustration is by Matt Chase, who lives in Washington, DC, and has done work for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and the New York Times.

Mark Follman, Julia Lurie, and Jaeah Lee (“What Does Gun Violence Really Cost?“) are part of a Mother Jones team that’s been investigating gun violence since the 2012 mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado; the package’s photographers include 1 Carlos Javier Ortiz, whose work is in the Library of Congress’ permanent collection, and Pulitzer Prize winner Preston Gannaway.

2 Justin Maxon (“Black Deaths Matter”) has documented unsolved killings in Chester, Pennsylvania, for nearly seven years; the text is by 3 Kai Wright, the former editor of Colorlines, and MoJo editorial fellow 4 Edwin Rios.

5 Maddie Oatman (“Attack of the Killer Beetles“) traveled to her native Rocky Mountains to report on an infestation that threatens to deforest the West.

6 John Hill (“Hung out to Dry“) spent a decade covering state government for California newspapers, winning a George Polk Award in 2004; the art is by Barcelona-based collage maker Max-o-matic.

Carlos Javier Ortiz Kai Wright
Justin Maxon
Edwin Rios Maddie Oatman
John Hill