Mother Jones Magazine Cover : March + April 2019

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  • Cover Story
  • With Friends Like These…

    Facebook talks a good game about connecting us, but it’s really tearing us—and our democracy—apart.

  • Hooked

    How a loosely regulated rehab industry baits recovering drug users into a deadly cycle.

  • Boy Meets Hate

    A high school rumor. An underground Nazi cell. A rendezvous in the dark. What happens when self-loathing meets the new age of extremism.

  • Life After Life

    Thousands were locked up for crimes they committed as teens. The Supreme Court has given them a chance at freedom. Now comes the hard part.

  • We Will Bot You

    Artificial intelligence could put a lot of composers out of work—and transform the way we make music.

  • Get in Line. Follow the Rules. Go to Jail.

    A Haitian asylum-seeker’s nightmare journey shows the extreme human toll of Trump’s immigration regime.

  • Team of Virals

    The revolution will be livestreamed.

  • Grin and Bear it

    A brief history of oversharing

  • Weapon of Choice

    The “secret bodega” for abortion pills

  • Very Private Prisons

    Local jails go full CYA.

  • Draining the Swamp

    China’s cleanup crusader