Mother Jones Magazine Cover : July + August 2023

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  • The Message Man

    Conservative activist Christopher Rufo’s quest to hijack the political debate—and besiege institutions

  • “What Is Justice for You?”

    After police violence, the state protects cops. Survivors have to protect each other.

  • Debt Sentence

    Jessica Madison was a pioneer of the student loan cancellation movement. But she didn’t live to see relief become a possibility for millions of Americans.

  • Against a Sea of Troubles

    Isolated and abused, women in the Merchant Marine are finally speaking out.

  • News Never Pays

    The journalism that democracy relies upon is not a moneymaker and never will be.

  • Not in Your Backyard

    The red-state horror show is coming for blue cities.

  • Tides of War

    Dr. Olga Shpak was a leading whale researcher. Then Putin invaded her home country.

  • Unhappy Birthday

    Booting 18-year-olds from disability rolls has lifelong consequences.

  • Listening to Our Guts

    Can wastewater surveillance help prevent the next pandemic?

  • Bad Neighbors

    Factory farms could be incubating the next deadly flu.