Hillary Is Dominating in the Polls. That’s Good News For Conservative Publishers.

Check out the bestselling nonfiction books right now.

Ron Sachs CNP/ZUMA

Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers surged after the Democratic National Convention, while Trump’s have decreased in recent weeks. But that doesn’t mean Clinton looks as rosy on America’s nightstands. The four top-selling nonfiction books in the country right now center on keeping Clinton out of the White House.

Check out this week’s New York Times hardcover nonfiction bestsellers list:

But take the list with a grain of salt. As seen with the success of Mitt Romney’s 2010 book, No Apology, sales don’t always just reflect readers’ tastes. And back in 2007, conservative groups bought up right-leaning books in bulk and sold them at sub-retail prices, much to the dismay of their authors. Or maybe this year’s conservative voters just read more in print?