Hundreds of Voters Are Honoring Susan B. Anthony at Her Grave Stone with “I Voted” Stickers

Watch the livestream.

As voters finally decide whether to elect the first woman to become the president of the United States this Election Day, hundreds of people are paying respect to Susan B. Anthony. They are honoring the 19th century women’s rights advocate for her work in campaigning for women’s suffrage by covering “I Voted Today” stickers on her grave stone in Rochester, New York.

Anthony’s commitment to women’s rights has gained new currency in an election season marked by unprecedented levels of sexism and hate-filled rhetoric. It’s fitting that the first woman to come this far may be on the verge of beating not just a male candidate, but a real misogynist.

This homage to the legendary activist, who was arrested in 1872 for illegally casting her ballot in a presidential election, is being live streamed by a local television station. Watch it here: